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I got interested in Family History thanks to a document made in 1939 by my grandfather Roland Pinkney CLARE. Topped by an 1885 photograph of his parents and their twelve surviving children, it listed all their descendants at that time. Numerous copies were printed and have been passed down the family: you can click here to see what his record looked like. This website contains the outline of some of my continuation of that work.

The Clare family in 1885 at 5, Burston Road, Putney. Click on this image to see a high-resolution, slow-loading version

This is the photograph: seated patriarchally in the centre is William CLARE (1837), with his son Roland Pinkney (1879) to his left in the sailor suit. The back row, from left to right, is Irene Pomeroy (1873), Walter Henry Gordon (1869, seated), Constance Stella (1870), William Ernest (1863), Frances Jane (née COLLINS, wife of William and mother of the brood: she was born in 1841, not 1843 as the family thought), Christina Fanny (1867) and Herbert George (1866, standing with chair). In the foreground on that far-from-immaculate rug are Leonard St John (1875), Marjory (1882), Ivy Pauline (1883, the only one I ever knew), Violet Frances (1878) and Alexander Seymour (1876).

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